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Regarding the Pain of Others

Within this seminar we discussed Susan Sontag’s text about desensitisation as a result of new media. The first point Sontag makes is about how the public attention is steered by the media; what we see is what they want us to see. This method was famously used when the feeling that something had to be … Continue reading


Intention and Artifice

The illusion of photography is the presumption that a photograph does not lie. Where photographs have often been used as a means of evidence, there is in fact more evidence that photographs do in face lie. They can be easily altered or even interpreted in a totally different way to what is actually occurring. For example … Continue reading

Hybridity and Music

Throughout this lecture we discussed the way in which ‘Asian’ music and ‘British’ have collaborated to create a hybrid, therefore developing a new genre of music. We first discussed what was Asian music and what was British and then seeing how the two had been used to make this new sound. We looked at bands such … Continue reading

Interrogating Public History

At the beginning of this lecture we were faced with the statement “We can never properly know about the past” and asked to discuss it. We were then asked if we believed whether ‘real’ history is a contradiction of itself. While discussing these points we talked about the British transatlantic slave trade. We watched the … Continue reading

Composition and Framing

Throughout this seminar we were introduced to the theme of our next project. Our new theme was photography and web based media. We were told that we would have the task of creating our own website for our final project which would continue with the ‘everyday life’ theme. During this seminar we were introduced to … Continue reading

Website Project Proposal

After looking at various websites that represent the everyday as well as human interaction and emotion we decided to create our own. We took inspiration from websites that let the American public give their personal accounts of  9/11.  We did however want our website to depict events that had happened in Britain from 2000 to … Continue reading

Structures and Navigation

During one of our seminars we were given the task of depicting the network structure of certain programs. We had to draw out the structure of navigation for Facebook but before that we had to understand the key structures. A linear structure is where something has a set line of navigation, where one type of action … Continue reading

Images vs Memory

Whilst exploring the correlation between images and memory we looked at the photographs created by the Polish photographer Zbigniew Libera. Libera reenacted well known traumatic images and turned them into ‘positive’ versions. Libera explains how we are always dealing with memorised objects as opposed to the objects themselves. How does this reflect on the reliability of … Continue reading